Bishop McGuiness Catholic High School This is a sample snippet of a dynamic and interactive website we developed for the client in 2002. At that time video compression, optimization and streaming was quite the chore for us developers. It required multiple plugins and end user compatibility however, we were able to limit the additional plugins the visitor may have to install by engineering our backend and server configuration. This provided the end user with a seamless uninterrupted experience while visiting any of our clients websites.

TW Garner Food Company - Texas Pete This robust web site was designed around the concept of building an online community and providing visitors with an interactive experience. Featuring a large ecommerce section, recipes, games and projects for the kids, it provided something for everyone while increasing exposure to the Texas Pete brand and products.

Topsider Homes A CD mailer calling card that’s automated and end-user friendly. Potential clients are given an auto-play, browser driven tour of Topsider Homes. Completely plug-n-play, click and go providing ease of use with no technical skills required for an interactive experience while showcasing the product.

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